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Drawing for Graphic Novels & Comix II

Location: Langara
Dates: Jan. 28- Apr. 8,  2019
Times: 7:00pm - 10:00pm, every Monday

This course focuses on the basics of comic book creation, while providing a deeper look at topics & technique than most primers. Following Drawing for Graphic Novels & Comix I, taught by Josué Menjivar, we'll begin the course covering the fundamentals of the comic page before moving on to examine composition theory, figure drawing, world building & character design, lettering choices, colour application, and end with notes on digital shortcuts, & preparing your work for print.

We'll also look at the philosophy behind drawing comics over the long term and the methods incorporated in managing time and energy by many working artists who regularly see their creative impulses become reality.

Classes will include a life drawing session and guest speaker. 

A full range of works produced throughout the medium's history will be taught-- from the classics of the past to the more idiosyncratic independent voices of today. A wide spectrum of content will be covered, including decidedly adult and challenging subject matter. You'll gain insight into the power of comics as a vehicle for self-expression, the versatility of the form, and and hone the choices you make when setting out to draw your own story.

This course is well suited for complete beginners, as well novices who’ve had limited experience making comics already. 

Course object: 
While the course does focus on art instruction, my goal is to make putting your ideas into comic form both a comfortable and exciting prospect. As long as you want to communicate a story or concept, skill levels are unimportant. I ultimately want to demonstrate how effective the simplest comics can be, and instill an excitement for making comics happen... as well as a devotion to seeing it through. I hope you'll join me.

For registration and more information, visit the Langara Continuing Studies Comix Program page:

Course registration is open for Winter-Spring 2019 classes!